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62d Pennsylvania Volunteers Demographics of the
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Holiday Films Chicken Breed Chart
History of the Kalmar Nyckel The Hendersons
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The Twelve Birds of Christmas Grandpap's Apple Orchard
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  1. ICYouSee was created and is maintained by John R. Henderson (jhenderson@ithaca.edu).
  2. ICYouSee first went online in December 1994 as part of the Ithaca College Library website. It was one of the first online guides to the World Wide Web, back when the web was brand new, and the main browser was called Mosaic. ICYouSee included basic instructions for using the web, a glossary, and in a section designed to illustrate what you could do on the web that was actually useful. It won some awards and international attention. The guide included many pages with lots of links. Some were designed to be useful. Others were designed to be more entertaining. The world wide web was much simpler thirty years ago. What remains on this site are personal pages of special interest to me that I continue to maintain.
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